ISO 27001 external audit

The objective of external auditing ISO 27001

The external auditing ISO 27001 is intended to detect the irregularities and the areas requiring improvements within the functioning ISO 27001 system. This will allow the entity undergoing the auditing to enhance the level of compliance with the ISO 27001 norm and to obtain the awareness of the compliance level with the said norm.

What does the external ISO 27001 auditing look like?

In the course of the data protection auditing the following areas shall be verified:

  • Documentation regarding the system for information safety management
  • Communication and Information Systems (CIS)

What is the outcome of the external auditing ISO 27001?

The external ISO 27001 auditing results in a report being drawn up in a paper, electronic or interactive version. The said report shall contain information regarding the actions taken by an auditor, irregularities identified, threats and strengths of the organisation

Follow-up steps after external ISO 27001 auditing.

Subsequent steps after the ISO 27001 external auditing shall include predominantly the implementation of the changes in the functioning ISO 27001 system. The clients may perform this task independently or may commission the implementation supervision to us (running another auditing after the independent implementation) or delegate the tasks related to the implementation including the elaboration of the relevant documentation, testing of various amendments implemented and others

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